SKT T1 FAKER採訪:披薩上不該有鳳梨,我好想玩悠咪

  • Q1問:你最不想在 SOLO Q 遇到哪位 T1 選手?
  • CLID:Teddy,他都不認真玩,很嗨又很吵,根本失控,一堆怪聲
  • FAKER:Teddy 的叫聲真的很吵很煩人,他開始呻吟我就不能實況了 因為我實況是普遍級的
  • Q2問:你對披薩上放鳳梨有什麼看法? FAKER:水果跟高醣類食物一起食用,身體會難以消化葡萄糖,甚至導致消化不良,因此比薩上不應該有鳳梨
  • Q3問:你喜歡薄荷巧克力嗎? FAKER:不,這不是人類的食物,我寧可吃牙膏  CLID:我很怕那味道,連試試看都不想
  • FAKER:我不在意遇到誰,因為遇到誰都輸 這根本是 BUG,系統都配一堆爛隊友給我
  • Q4問:如果這輩子接下來只能玩同一個英雄,你會選誰?
  • CLID:Faker 應該選輔助英雄,看他玩輔助很有趣
  • FAKER:SOLO Q 隊友都不讓我玩輔助 我想玩悠咪,可是每次都被 BAN 掉 我現在在 SOLO 完全玩不到輔助位了,不知為何我隊友都會跳GAME



  • 10th Anniversary loading screen tips added:
    • When Anivia turns into an egg, your chat name will become "Eggnivia". Because you're an egg.
    • In the bot lane lives a little frog named George. If you spook him, he might jump out of the Rift.
    • Pulsefire Ezreal can visit--and has visited--every single skinline universe! (Including a few he's keeping a secret.)
    • When Braum buys Tier 1 boots he says, "These are too tight". When he buys Tier 2 boots he says, "Ha ha, perfect!
    • The retired item, Philospher's Stone, hangs upon a monument in the bottom half of the jungle.  
    • Dark Star Cho'gath was designed by a player named Bryan along with the LoL dev team.
    • The Blue Sentinels will dance with Popstar Ahri if you hit Ctrl + 3. 
    • Night Hunter Rengar will put on a hat when you hit Ctrl + 5.
    • Tahm Kench will make the scuttle crab dance when you hit Ctrl + 3.
    • When Galaxy Slayer Zed kills another Zed he says, "Look at the skill. Look at the moves. Zed, what was that!?
    • When hit by Lulu's W, the champion's name will turn into Squill.
    • Pyke's knife will change color if you hit Ctrl + 5.
    • Zoe twirls, jump ropes and yo-yos with her stars if you press Ctrl + 5 while walking.
    • Kai'sa will put on her helmet if you press Ctrl + 5.
    • When Leona's passive, Sunlight, hits champs wearing shades such as Vayne, her damage will