Niantic May Have Finally Solved Spoofing Issues

Pokémon GO players will have something to rejoice following the huge security update on both Android and iOS which effectively shut down various spoofing applications used by cheaters. (Photo : Akash Dharua/YouTube)

It’s safe to say that one of the biggest issues of Pokémon GO is its concurrent problems related to spoofing. Ever since the game’s release, Pokémon GO has been plagued with “spoofers,” which are generally players that hack the game using an app that can mask and hide their IP address – enabling them to move virtually with no effort other than their mere fingers. However, it seems that Niantic has finally been able to solve this issue thanks to iOS and Android.

Pokémon GO : Spoofers Finally Resolved?

As mentioned in a Reddit thread, a “spoofers” Facebook group is now filled with uproar following the apparent issues regarding various spoofing applications. According to one user, it seems that the recent force update on iOS had effectively shut down the spoofing application used in 

Pokémon GO – pointing out that they can no longer “fly” in the game.

Furthermore, the recent update in Android has made spoofing applications, which were installed in version 6.xx and above, to not work anymore. This update was in conjunction with the security update of Android for all of its devices. However, it is worth noting that for those that are playing on the earlier versions, the spoofing applications are said to work, still.

Spoofing Issues

Earlier last month, Pokémon GO has reported a dwindling activity in the game following the recent spoofing issues in some cities. As previously reported, a city in Germany had a severe spoofing problem that it literally caused all trainers in the area to nearly stop playing – stressing how one spoofer had destroyed the fun for everyone. This case isn’t isolated as many players had taken on to social media to express their dismay towards these hackers. But now, it seems that Niantic has finally taken action in purging the game from these cheaters.

Will this finally end the spoofing problems in Pokémon GO or will there be another hole in the system that hackers can exploit to? Check back for more Pokémon GO news and updates!