Two Fighting Type Pokemon that Every Trainer Must Have

1. Machamp


Max CP: 2889

Best Moveset: Counter/Close Combat

CP      2889   Rank 24
ATK 234 Rank 18
DEF 162 Rank 103
STA 180 Rank 34

For most players, Machamp will be the strongest Fighting-Type Pokemon they'll ever encounter in the game. With great Attack and Stamina stats, Machamp is the perfect counter to wiping out Snorlax and Blissey from gyms and is also a viable top-level play in gyms. Machamp's biggest disadvantage is that its potential moveset contains two Steel-Type attacks, so there's a very good chance your Machamp will wind up with a move that doesn't have a same type attack bonus.

2. Poliwarth


Max CP: 2441

Best Moveset: Rock Smash/Hydro Pump

CP 2441   Rank 54
ATK   182 Rank 77
DEF 187 Rank 65
STA 180 Rank 34

Poliwrath is the only Water/Fighting dual-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go, which gives it a bit of extra versatility. Poliwrath's potential moveset includes both strong water and fighting moves, which gives players some extra options when deciding when to use it in battle. Poliwrath has an exceptionally high Stamina stat, which is probably why you see so many Poliwrath hanging around in the middle of gyms.

Region Exclusive (Heracross)


Heracross, the elusive. Heracross, the one to lead the Bugs.Heracross was bound to be the game changing BUG and FIGHTING type Pokémon, delivering the best of both worlds.Unfortunately, it’s region exclusive to Central and South America, making it rather useless for world wide Gym meta discussions.

Where to find Heracross?

Heracross is a confirmed region exclusive Pokémon for South and Central America. You can see how the current state of region exclusive Pokémon looks like on the map below:

CP 2938   Rank 19
ATK   234 Rank 18
DEF 189 Rank 62
STA 160 Rank 59

Heracross is the best Fighting-Type Pokemon in the game, with an elite Attack stat and decent Defense and Stamina. Heracross can also learn the most powerful Bug and Fighting-Type moves in the game, which gives it a great advantage over several common gym