Best Pokémon by highest Attack stat in Gen 2

10. Ampharos

Attack: 211 Max CP: 2695

The electric Pokémon Ampharos is the 10th best attacker in Gen 2. With a high max CP, you’ll want to get your hands on this Pokémon quickly, as it will be a marvelous counter to all of those Vaporeons!

9. Granbull


Attack: 212 Max CP: 2440

This fairy bulldog-like Pokémon could pack quite a bite when Gen 2 arrives. But will its fairy type hold it back? We will have to wait and see!

8. Donphan

Attack: 214 Max CP: 3022

It looks like Donphan is going to be quite a powerhouse with the arrival of Gen 2. With a high defense and attack, you could see a lot of these in gyms.

7. Typhlosion


Attack: 223 Max CP: 2686

The first and only evolved form of a starter Gen 2 Pokémon to make the list, Typhlosion will make a nice attacker, however, still ranks below Charizard.

6. Houndoom

Attack: 224 Max CP: 2529

Houndoom, the interesting fire and dark combo is going to be a pretty good attacker. A really awesome looking Pokémon, I for one am excited to catch this one.

5. Heracross

Attack: 234 Max CP: 2938

An fairly iconic Pokémon from Gen 2, this beetle Pokémon is going to be highly sought after as not only a good attacker, but a fun Pokémon to have in your collection.

4. Scizor

Attack: 236 Max CP: 2801

Scyther’s evolution introduced in Gen 2 is going to be a great attacker. Hopefully you’ve been visiting your local Scyther nests to save up on candies!

3. Ursaring

Attack: 236 Max CP: 2750

The first Gen 2 Pokémon to crack the top 10 of all Pokémon, you’ll want to catch Ursaring early!

2. Tyranitar


Attack: 251 Max CP: 3670

Number 5 overall in its attack stat, Tyranitar is a monster. Also with high defensive stats, this could be the best non-legendary Pokémon to come out with Gen 2!

1. Espeon


Attack: 261 Max CP: 3000

A new form of Eevee with Gen 2, and with powerful psychic moves to boot, Espeon is going to a mainstay in your local gyms. Will it even replace the current Vaporeon meta? It is tough to say, but you’ll want to catch this lovable purple psychic ASAP!