Hidden Power Types Are Not The Same Despite Coming From Same Catch

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The Hidden Power types of Pokemon are not the same even if it come from the same catch. When “Pokemon GO” was new, loyal trainers of the game collected data and they reached the conclusion that if the same Pokemon are caught by the trainers, the monsters would have the same CP. But it turns out the Pokemon would not have the exact same move set and IVs as the other trainers.

Why Having Different Hidden Powers Could Be Handy

Otakukart points out that having different Hidden Powers would become handy if a trainer and another trainer of “Pokemon GO” would place the Pokemon with different Hidden Power types in a gym. The gaming website explains the situation would be a good thing depending on the Pokemon the attacker would use. It is because the Pokemon with Hidden Power could be the next top attackers.

Game Press says the Hidden Power, a move with 15 base power, is currently available only to six Pokemon of “Pokemon GO.” These are Porygon, Starmie, Togetic, Porygon 2, Togepi, and Unown. Hidden Power is listed by game_master as a normal type move, however, its type varies actually. When the gaming website investigated, it found data which suggests the Fairy and Normal type Hidden Powers are available, but it is still searching for stronger evidence.

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Hidden Powers In A Table

It had 923 observations as of Feb. 23 but it refined the data by removing the responses of “Pokemon GO” trolls. Game Press was left with 909 reasonable responses that it analyzed. The website then created a table of the results that showed there are 17 Hidden Power types available to any Pokemon. But the Fairy type Hidden Power is only available to Togepi.

Game Press adds there were no responses for Hidden Power Flying and Grass for Porygon or Hidden Power Normal for Togepi. It explains the result to sample size or failure to actually get those possibilities. Ranked Boost also made a Type Chart for “Pokemon GO” that it also called a Weakness Chart or PoGo Type Chart. It lists 18 different types, namely Normal, Fighting, Flying, Poison, Ground, Rock, Bug, Ghost, Steel, Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Psychic, Ice, Dragon, Dark, and Fairy Types.