Two Psychic Pokemon that Every Trainer Must Have

Still, there are a handful of high CP Psychic-type Pokemon that are viable plays thanks to their strong offense. 

Alakazam ( Highest Attack stat among psychic type pokemon)


Max CP: 


Best Moveset: Confusion/Future Sight

Although Alakazam is only the third most powerful Psychic-Type Pokemon in terms of CP, it's arguably the best Psychic-Type attacker in the game. With an Attack stat of 271, Alakazam has the highest Attack stat of any Pokemon currently available in 

Pokemon Go. Alakazam also has the excellent ideal moveset of Confusion/Future Sight, which can dish out more damage than just about any other moveset. Sadly, Alakazam has a very low Stamnia stat, so don't expect it to be the best gym defender. 

 Espeon ( Highest CP in psychic type pokemon )


Max CP: 3000

Best Moveset: Confusion/Future Sight

Espeon has one of the best Attack stats in the game, third only to Alakazam and Dragonite. It's also one of four Pokemon in the game that can learn Future Sight, which is the second strongest charge move in 

Pokemon Go. Espeon's only downside is a low stamina stat, so it shouldn't be impossible to beat it if you encounter it in a local gym.