Top 5 Flying Type Pokemon in Pokemon Go

 Every Flying-Type Pokemon is a dual type, which usually serves as a hindrance, as Flying-Type Pokemon are weak to Electric and Ice-Type attacks. Still, it might be handy to have at least one Pokemon with a good set of Flying moves, especially as Brave Bird is the most powerful move in the game based on damage per second

5) Crobat 


Max CP: 2466

Best Moveset: Air Slash/Sludge Bomb

Crobat doesn't have any exceptionally high stats, but it's one of the most balanced Pokemon in the game. Crobat has above average Attack and Stamina stats and a middle of the pack Defense stat, so it should be able to last a little bit in gym battles. Crobat's best quick attack is the Flying-Type move Air Slash, but it doesn't have an exceptional charge move outside of Sludge Bomb.

4) Aerodactyl


Max CP: 2608

Best Moveset: Steel Wing/Hyper Beam

Aerodactyl has a great Attack stat that's wasted by one of the worst movesets in the game. Even though it's a Rock/Flying dual-type Pokemon, Aerodactyl doesn't have a single Rock or Flying-Type move in its arsenal. That severely limits its effectiveness, as it can't benefit from the same type attack bonus that's gives Pokemon an extra push in battle. Aerodactyl doesn't even have a strong Defense stat, so this Pokemon is basically a waste of a high CP stat. 

3) Charizard


Max CP: 2686

Best Moveset: Air Slash/Overheat

Charizard is one of Pokemon Go's heavy hitters, but it's best suited as a Fire-Type attacker due to a lack of Flying-Type charge moves. Still, Charizard can learn the fast move Air Slash, which is a decent Flying-type attack when factoring in the same type attack bonus. Still, it's best to think of Charizard as a Fire-Type first, especially since it doesn't need any Flying-Type attacks to down Grass or Bug-Type Pokemon. 

2) Gyarados


Max CP: 3281

Best Moveset: Dragon Tail/Hydro Pump

Another Flying-Type Pokemon that can't learn any Flying-Type moves, Gyarados is still one of the best Pokemon in the game thanks to its great Attack and Stamina stats. While a Water/Flying dual-type like Gyarados is super weak to Electric-Type attacks in the mainstream 

Pokemon games, Pokemon Go's limitations means that Gyarados would take the same amount of damage even if it wasn't a Flying-Type Pokemon. 

1) Dragonite


Max CP: 


Best Moveset: Dragon Tail/Hurricane

Dragonite is the most powerful Pokemon in Pokemon Go, bar none. With the second best Attack stat in the game and strong Defense and Stamina, there's a reason why Dragonite tends to sit at the top of any Level 10 gym. Dragonite's most powerful attack is the Flying-Type move Hurricane, which is even more of a reason to hunt one down if you're looking for a great Flying-Type Pokemon.