Three Water Type Pokemon that Every Trainer Must Have

Water Pokemon are popular choices as gym defenders, in part because they have relatively few weaknesses, so now's the perfect time to start stocking up on candies to build up your Water Pokemon for battle. 

Lapras ( one of the few Pokemon that can effectively take out the Dragonite)


Max CP: 2603

Best Moveset: Frost Breath/Blizzard

Lapras got a bit of a nerf in a recent balance update, but it remains one of the most useful Pokemon in the game thanks to its Water/Ice dual typing. Lapras is a must-have Pokemon in 

Pokemon Go, largely because its one of the few Pokemon that can effectively take out the Dragonite that lurk towards the top of nearly every gym.

Vaporeon ( high stamina and defense stats)


Max CP: 3157

Best Moveset: Water Gun/Hydro Pump

Vaporeon forms the rank and file of most Pokemon gyms, thanks to its high stamina and defense stats. Vaporeon has an insanely high CP stat, higher than all but five Pokemon in the game.

Gyarados (The fifth strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Go,not included lengendary pokemon)


Max CP: 3281

Best Moveset: Dragon Tail/Hydro Pump

The fifth strongest Pokemon in 

Pokemon Go,Gyarados is a fearsome attacker that can ravage the lower levels of most Pokemon gyms with ease. Unfortunately, it's also a major pain to get a Gyarados, as players typically need to capture 126 Magikarp to get enough candy to get a single Gyarados.