Two Grass Type Pokemon that Every Trainer Must Have

Many Pokemon also have resistances to Grass-type attacks, which also hurts their effectiveness in battle. However, Grass-type Pokemon do have a key advantage over Water-type Pokemon, which means they'll always have some use in 

Pokemon Go. 

Exeggutor (high Attack and Stamina stats)


Max CP: 2916

Best Moveset: Extrasensory/Solar Beam

While Exeggutor doesn't look like a powerhouse, its high Attack and Stamina stats make it one of the most powerful Pokemon in 

Pokemon Go. Although Exeggutor's low defense prevents it from becoming a truly top tier gym defender, it can still absorb a lot of damage while pinging the hurt to your Pokemon. As a Grass/Psychic dual-type, Exeggutor is also surprisingly versatile, with several effective movesets. Solar Beam is Exeggutor's most powerful attack, but Psychic can also deal a lot of damage. 

CP 2718 Exeggutor VS CP 2950 Blissey

Venusaur (it can use the high damage Razor Leaf/Petal Blizzard moveset)


Max CP: 2569

Best Moveset: Razor Leaf/Petal Blizzard

Venusaur is the tank of Grass-type Pokemon, with strong Attack, Defense, and Stamina stats. Venusaur's probably best used as a gym defender, although it can use the high damage Razor Leaf/Petal Blizzard moveset. Like Victreebel, Venusaur can also be used as a Fairy clearer if it has the Sludge Bomb charge move. If your local gym has a lot of Grass Pokemon that aren't Victreebel or Vileplume, you can also use a Sludge Bomb Venusaur to help push them out without losing too much HP.