Here's the Summer Event in Pokemon Go

Niantic Japan’s Mr. Kawasaki (Left) and Mr. Suka (Right) 

Niantic Japan has reportedly hinted at details concerning upcoming Pokémon Go events in general — there'll be more like the recent Water Event — and the long-awaited Legendary events in particular.

Here are the highlights, via Pokémon Go Hub:

  • A huge event is planned for summer of 2017! The in-game mechanics for this event are currently being developed. Raids are rumored to be the mechanic in question.
  • PvP, Trading and Raids are in development, but the release dates for these features are not yet finalised. Niantic confirmed that cooperative gameplay is coming this Spring.
  • More small scale events like the Water Festival are planned throughout the year
  • Niantic is working on partnering with local governments for large scale events and promotions, similar to how Lapras event was held in the Tohoku Region
  • A new concept of a wearable device that pings AR closer to the real world is discussed, but it's development is held back by technology currently

You can find the whole interview over here, for an in-depth view of what all was discussed in the interview.

We already knew that a major Gym rework is in works and that Niantic will be releasing a New Co-operative Gameplay experience sometime soon.

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It will be interesting to find out what this Huge Event would turn out be.