Top 5 Vaporeon Counter in Pokemon Go

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Vaporeon has long been the central driver of both the attack and defense metagames. As time has passed and players have reached higher levels and had more time to catch better tier 1 Pokemon, Vaporeon’s centrality has waned slightly. Nonetheless, a gym defender who has trouble against a Vaporeon is not much of a defender at all, as there is no serious player who doesn’t have this beastly water-type (or 5…or 10) in his or her collection.

What makes Vaporeon so good is the incredibly high HP stat, combined with formidable attack and defense. In PoGO, the water-type is has even less to fear than in the main series Pokemon games, as all generation 1 electric-types are relatively toothless counters. Every Vaporeon moveset has its uses; no moveset should leave you disappointed. Vaporeon’s few counters (most notably the big grass types and Dragonite) are not incredibly common, though hardcore players are sure to have them high on their priority list.

Vaporeon Fast Moves

Name   Energy Power Duration DPS

Water Gun  

+6          5          
0.5 s        10

Vaporeon Charge Moves

Name Energy Power Duration DPS

Aqua Tail        

-33         50         1.9 s        26

Hydro Pump

-100 130 3.3 s 39

Water Pulse

-50 70 3.2 s 22

Vaporeon Is Vulnerable Against

Type Modifier   Type Modifier





Vaporeon Takes Most Damage From

100 % Vaporeon Exeggutor


Solar Beam

Pokemon Max CP2916

ATK 233

DEF 158

STA 190

97 %  Vaporeon


Thunder Shock  


Pokemon Max CP 2730

ATK 232

DEF 201

STA 130

96 % Vaporeon Magneton 

Thunder Shock  

Zap Cannon

Pokemon Max CP 2237

ATK 223

DEF 182

STA 100

95 %  Vaporeon Alakazam


Future Sight

Pokemon Max CP2887

ATK 271

DEF 194

STA 110

94 % Vaporeon Victreebel 

Razor Leaf  

Solar Beam

Pokemon Max CP2268

ATK 207

DEF 138

STA 160