Top 5 Psychic Pokemon in Pokemon Go

5) Slowpo/Slowking


Max CP: 2482

Best Moveset: Confusion/Psychic

Slowpo and Slowking are a tie for fifth for one simple reason: they're basically identical in Pokemon Go

. Both Pokemon have identical CP, Attack, Defense, and Stamina stats, and both have the same ideal moveset of Confusion and Psychic. Slowking has a marginally better potential moveset with Blizzard and Fire Blast compared to Slowpo's Ice Beam and Water Pulse, but otherwise there's no difference between the two Pokemon. 

4) Jynx


Max CP: 2512

Best Moveset: Confusion/Avalanche

Jynx, like most Psychic-Type Pokemon, has a strong Attack stat, but mediocre Defense and Stamina stats. While Jynx isn't the best option as a Psychic-type attacker, it can be used as an Ice-Type attacker if it has the Avalanche charge move. Jynx probably won't last long against the likes of Dragonite (which is really the only time you'd need an Ice-Type Pokemon), but it should be able to get off a shot or two to weaken it significantly. 

3) Alakazam


Max CP: 2887

What's Hot:

Best Moveset: Confusion/Future Sight

Although Alakazam is only the third most powerful Psychic-Type Pokemon in terms of CP, it's arguably the best Psychic-Type attacker in the game. With an Attack stat of 271, Alakazam has the highest Attack stat of any Pokemon currently available in 

Pokemon Go. Alakazam also has the excellent ideal moveset of Confusion/Future Sight, which can dish out more damage than just about any other moveset. Sadly, Alakazam has a very low Stamnia stat, so don't expect it to be the best gym defender. 

2) Exeggutor


Max CP: 2916

Best Moveset: Extrasensory/Solar Beam

With great Attack and Stamina stats, Exeggutor is a solid choice if you're looking for a top level gym defender. However, its usefulness as a Psychic-Type is rather limited. Exeggutor's potential Psychic-type moves are both lackluster, and it's more likely to learn Grass-Type moves than either of its Psychic-type attacks. 

1) Espeon


Max CP: 3000

Best Moveset: Confusion/Future Sight

If you've been reading through our Pokemon Go rankings, it shouldn't come as a surprise that an Eeveelution is at the top of one of our type rankings. Espeon has one of the best Attack stats in the game, third only to Alakazam and Dragonite. It's also one of four Pokemon in the game that can learn Future Sight, which is the second strongest charge move in 

Pokemon Go. Espeon's only downside is a low stamina stat, so it shouldn't be impossible to beat it if you encounter it in a local gym.