Top 3 Steel Type Pokemon with Highest Defense stat


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Skarmory 's max CP is 2,045 and base defense of 260.Skarmory is a Steel & Flying Pokemon, vulnerable to Fire and Electric moves. It's strongest moveset is Steel Wing and Sky Attack.

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source : Official US Pokemon Website Pokedex


Steelix's max CP is 2,495 and base defense of 333. He also gets a STAB bonus from Ground and Steel moves such as Heavy Slam and Earthquake which both deal over 41 DPS (damage per second.)

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source : Official US Pokemon Website Pokedex


Forretress has a max CP of 2,263 with a defense of 242. This makes him an excellent choice to help defend Pokemon Go gyms. Since he is a steel type Pokemon, Forretress' Heavy Slam will get a STAB (same type attack bonus) allowing him to reach up to 41 DPS (damage per second).